Gothic Clothing

At Phaze we have one of the largest selections of the darkest ,alternative gothic clothing.Whether you are a nu goth, cyber goth or Industrial goth we cater for everything dark, funerial, vampire or Victorian inspired.Our ranges include long velvet dresses and skirts, lace tops , boleros and beautiful tight fitting corsets and waspies. Our goth mens collections include frilly shirts, long coats with metal details, trousers and waistcoats.

We also stock a wealth of accessories which will enhance the gothic look including bat bags, vampire fangs,blood red lipsticks, white face make up and fabulous hair dyes by Direction Hair Colours. There is also plenty of choice of embellished hats,parasols and gloves to add to your Gothic wardrobe.

Our selection of Gothic jewellery includes intricate lace chokers,necklaces and earrings.

The Gothic scene is constantly evolving but we have every genre of Gothic styling from classical and Victorian to occult witch and nu goth.The blackest black and the darkest designs.