PVC / Vinyl Clothing

We offer glossy and tight fitting sexy pvc clothing which is body hugging and a perfect fit. Our range of stretchy shiny pvc and leather look vinyl garments includes original and unique outfits for both men and women. The eye-catching designs include catsuits, hotpants, mini skirts, tops, corsets and lingerie for women, and jeans, shirts, tops and kilts for men. Choose your own unique style and our pvc garments becomes your second skin, hot but comfortable!!!

Shop for Pvc Outfits for Men and Women.

So whether you are dressing up or dressing down, check out our glamorous collection in glossy pvc or matt leather look vinyl and demand the attention you deserve!

You can enhance any outfit with our huge range of accessories including gloves, stockings, masks, hats, make up, hair dye and sunglasses! We have a mind blowing selection which is anything but ordinary!!!!